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Brokerage Services

We are excited to now offer brokerage services as part of the Nosan Signature Homes experience.  If one of our homes isn't the perfect fit for you right now, we can still help you find or build your dream home.

It is our opinion that when we act as a buyer's agent we do the same amount of work for you regardless of the price of the land or home you're buying. This is why we’ve developed a unique flat fee commission structure that compensates us fairly and allows you to reap the benefits of our lower fees to the seller.

You’ll save substantially when you use our brokerage services to purchase a site or existing home in excess of $500,000 and retain Nosan Signature Homes to complete your addition, renovation, or new build.


  1. New construction (land or teardown) - we have a team in place to help you analyze new construction opportunities.  This is our expertise so we can help you navigate through finding vacant land or a teardown to build a custom home that meets your needs.
  2. Existing home (addition or renovation) - while we specialize in new construction we're also happy to help you find an existing home that suits your needs.  Even with an existing home, you'll likely want to complete a renovation or addition and our team can help you evaluate those projects and guide you through the process. 

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Stephanie Nosan Beer of Nosan Signature Homes
Stephanie Nosan Beer
Nosan Signature Homes

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